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Trondheim Vaernes X
By: Eddie Longe

Discover the third largest airport of Norway in extreme detail! Approaching this high resolution airport scenery will give you an unforgettable experience. - Read Full Review...

Aerosoft’s Tahiti X Scenery
By: Don Filer

Ah yes, French Polynesia, a tourist’s paradise. Relaxed and after a few exotic drinks, I flew around the island of Tahiti several times looking for a monument to Captain James Cook, HMS Bounty, Marlon Brando, or some half-naked native women but none could be found. - Read Full Review...

Aerosoft - London City Airport (EGLC)
By: Andy Medley

London City is based as you know in the heart of London’s thieving airport industry so why would Aerosoft build such an airport that may have less appeal to the wider market, the answer is London City X is part of the VFR scenery range lots of pilots make the trip into London every virtual day. - Read Full Review...

Flight1 Ultimate Terrain Canada FSX
By: Ken Hall

Like all of the other volumes of Ultimate TerrainX, UTX Canada is available either as download or boxed DVD. Geography lessons from schooldays or experience as a tourist will tell you that there are “not a lot” of people in the vastness of the Canadian landscape. - Read Full Review...

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