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Iris C27J Spartan

13 Sep 2011

The Alenia C-27J Spartan is a medium-sized military transport aircraft. The C-27J is an advanced derivative of Alenia Aeronautica's G.222 (C-27A Spartan in US service), with the engines and systems of the Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules. The aircraft was selected as the Joint Cargo Aircraft (JCA) for the United States military.

Based on the Alenia G222 and the C-27A operated by the US Air Force in Central America, the C-27J Spartan represents a significant enhancement of an already capable tactical transport. Offered by the Lockheed Martin Alenia Tactical Transport Systems (LMATTS) joint venture, the C-27J follows the route set by the C-130J in taking a proven design and adding improved avionics and propulsion.


Custom sound pack by IRIS AudioworX.
Optimised digital displays for silky smooth operation and improved system performance.
Fully customisable visual model with options for inflight refuelling, advanced sensors and Head Up Displays.
Superb flight model for the C-27J from Pam Brooker of JFTC suits the agile handling of this unique aircraft.
A wide variety of paint schemes in various resolutions to suit your individual systems.
Custom in cockpit audio for the copilot, tanker operator and loadmaster who all respond to your every decision.
New design techniques including 'Lotus Style' landing light effects, in-game night vision capability and more.