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Lancaster X
By: Andy Medley

Avro Lanchaster
First Class Simulation
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Avro Lancaster holds a place in history as a iconic
aircraft from the 1940’s, it was built in 1940 and flown 1941 as it made its
first flight fresh from the hanger the sounds of the four heavy powered engine’s
made their first piece of sound.
The Lancaster was made primary for night bombing but it did run some daylight
missions, because the bomber was and all-rounder it gained the name DAM-BUSTER
when it flew in the 1943 operation chastice.
Lancaster Review

The installation in most First Class product’s is very straight forward simple
insert the CD or DVD and run the product in most cases the CD or DVD with auto
run its self very simple. All you have to do is add the files to your specific
location of the flightsim folder on your PC. Once you have completed the install
you may also find now the First Class are putting the Manual ‘s on the CD also
so you may wish you open your tab called MY COMPUTER and right click on the CD
value and explore to find the manual.
A little fiddly but it saves money i can only think that’s why they do this.

Getting Started with the Lancaster:
As the Lancaster is a RAF bomber you may wish to start at an RAF base somewhere
in UK.
Conningsby is where the battle of Briton memorial flight is based so good choice
for a start there.
Every person is different so whether you wish to start from cold and dark or
simply have the engines run from the start your call. What we did find is not
many options have changed in this aircraft like the Ctrl+E does the engines and
so on but neither or less still looks great. So if you’re a novice pilot the
Lancaster still like you also it’s not just for a pro pilot.
Lancaster Review

Time has passed since aircraft this were made so getting the sounds right in my
eyes is a key factor , but like in many cases these days many companies just
slam a sounds set together call it good and that your lot and semi complete
aircraft package. After i have to say the engine sounds are brilliant but other
sounds like the flaps and landing gear sounds are better off maybe not having a
sound as they seem to grate too much and lost quality.

Movement of Aircraft:
Animation is good on an aircraft it takes time and show very well on the
aircraft, but in many other cases First Class aircraft have never lived upto
this standard. But today i was happy the Bomb-Bay doors opens and so did many
other animation features. On landing the aircraft seemed to float a little but
other than that overall the aircraft is good.

The Lancaster is not light in any way but as you can expect it does show in the
Flight Dynamics, with full left or right ailerons the big monster does roll very
slowly at low and high speeds result it’s going to take time to enter the
As this Bomber taxi’s you could say it’s like a DC-3 or an older Avro
tail-dragger very time consuming.
Lancaster Review

I glanced at the panel and compared it with the real thing and not much has or
did change, so maybe top marks for that but i did only glance take a look
yourself on that one.
As many panel these days consists of a virtual cockpit i feel the virtual
cockpit of the Lancaster is very good most buttons work while some still don’t
have a button just a visual presents in the cockpit. You still have a choice or
2D over Virtual if you wish, after much consideration i do say the panel is
worth 3 stars out of 5 stars and that’s saying something.

An aircraft that is great and a pleasure to fly, First class could be my first
choice for WW2 aircraft the sounds where OK the panel was great for a change. I
would say this type of aircraft would suit the more novice or pilots over the
pros but still the outcome is good for the Lancaster.
System Requirements: System Tested On:
Flight Simulation 2004 or FSX
Microsoft XP-Vista
Minimum Requirements
1Gb HDD Space
CD/DVD Drive
Flight Simulation FSX
Microsoft Xp-Home
AMD 6000+ D-Core
4Gb Ram OCZ
9400GT PNY Nvidia 512Mb
MSI K9N Sli Pro

What I Don't Like What I Do Like
Flap Sounds Virtual Cockpit

Price: £20.45 $32.70 €22.78 Rating: Silver
Reviewd By: Andy Medley Date: 6 Jan 2010
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