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Jetstream 41
By: Edward Longe

Jetstream 41
Manufactured: PMDG
Published: Aerosoft
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The Jetstream 41
In the mid to late 1980's British Aerospace began to design a regional jetliner
to compete with Dornier 328 and Saab 340. Developed from the earlier Jetstream
31, the Jetstream 41's first flight was on the 25th September 1991 and was
introduced into service during 1992. During its production period (between 1992
and 1997) approximately 100 rolled out of the factory at Farnborough. As of 2007
approximately 53 remain in service worldwide and the vast majority with Eastern
A major reason for the Jetstream's success is its low running costs and its
ability to operate from shorter strips then traditional jet airliners. The J41
only requires a crew of 3 (2 pilots and 1 cabin crew) . The J41 has a maximum
speed of around 295 knots and a maximum cruising altitude of 26,000ft.

The J41 Add-on:
When PMDG announced the release of the J41 it was anticipated to replace Flight
1's masterpiece ATR 72. For some unknown reason there is a lack of regional
turboprop aircraft available for FSX but PMDG have always been known for pushing
the boat out so it must have been an obvious choice to develop an add-on of a
little known regional turboprop. As the proud owner of PMDG's MD-11 I was
honoured when Sim-Reviews offered me the chance to review the latest PMDG add
Priced at €39.99 for the boxed addition and €39.95 for the download addition.
Compared to other PMDG add on's the J41 is an absolute steal. A major reason for
the price tag is that it is widely regarded as a 'lite' add on compared to the
MD-11X or 747-400.
Included in the package is a 98 page highly detailed tutorial flight which
covers in depth the various systems on board on a tutorial flight from
Westchester County Airport to Washington Dulles international. For the download
version you will require Adobe Acrobat. Included at the end of the tutorial is
charts of both airports which is always a nice extra. The tutorial covers
everything that you will need from start up in cold and dark to shut down.

Jetstream 41 Review Jetstream 41 Review
Also included in the package is a Configuration manager which allows the user to
alter parts of the panel to his or her liking. This is pretty slandered in most
of PMDG add-ons. However compared to the MD-11 this is fairly basic. Another
feature of the package is the 543 page operations manual which goes over the
various specifications of the J41. Think it is fairly safe to say that PMDG
value the paperwork just as much as the add-on itself. Unlike many developers
nowadays PMDG always take time and attention in creating the all important
checklists and various other utilities that are needed to fly such a complex add
on. I am very pleased to see PMDG staying consistent in field.

As per usual with PMDG add on's you only get the PMDG livery. Now this may sound
bad but all liveries are available free from the PMDG website and other freeware
sites like or I like the way PMDG do this because it
means you don't have any liveries you don't want or will never use just hogging
up space on your hard drive. Typical of PMDG, all free liveries from their
website are of exceptional quality.

The Exterior model:
PMDG have always been hugely successful in there exterior models and I am
delighted to report back their developers still remain consistent in this
critical field. In this add on PMDG have modelled propeller feathering, doors
and emergency exits (including baggage hold doors), ailerons, flaps and
One feature that I really like about this add on is the Ramp manager which
allows you to place cones around the J41. It also lets you place a baggage cart,
Ground Power unit and open the rear emergency exit. The ramp manager is only
available when both engines are shut down and the parking brake is engaged.

I have found with many Flight Simulator add-ons that certain animations like
flap extension and retraction that they seem to be laboured and scabrous. I am
delighted to say that PMDG have broken this trend. The flaps seem to extend
fluently. This is great to see in this add on.

The Virtual Cockpit (VC)
PMDG have always been known for producing some outstanding VC over the past few
years and when they decided to develop the J41 it must have presented a very
different challenge. Most of PMDG's successes have been down to the complexity
of the add-on and the detailed VC. The challenge PMGD had was that all of their
add-ons for FSX had glass cockpits where as the J41 doesn't.
The J41 VC, it is clear to see the vast difference between two cockpit based with the MD-11.
Just because it doesn't include ECAS systems and a stat of the art auto pilot,
it doesn't mean I don't like it. In fact, the VC must be one of the best VC's on
the market nowadays. Replacing the full glass cockpit of the MD-11, the J41 has
back to basic dials which gives you a real sense of what flying should be.
Seeing both VC together I think I actually prefer the J41

Aircraft System:
Jetstream 41 Review Jetstream 41 Review
Jetstream 41 Review Jetstream 41 Review
Now obviously on a small regional airliner, the onboard systems are going to be
vastly different compared to onboard systems like on large regional jets for
example on board the 757. This is where I believe the main chalice lied for PMDG
in developing the J41.
Now the centre of any aircraft is the Flight Management Computer (FMC) which
programs the route and displays the aircrafts position and further route on the
ECAS screen. Most simmers who mainly fly big jets will find the J41's FMC a
challenge. For example instead of having a enter key for each option you need to
flick between the two options. Basically it is two options for one key.
Comparable to the MD-11, the J41 has extremely basic for example all engine
displays are manual on the J41 compared to extensive computerised displays on
the MD-11. But this is to be expected.
One thing I was extremely disappointed about not being included in this package
was the lack of a load manager although PMDG have included a load sheet on the
captains left had side which is alterable and give information on landing
weight, fuel on board and Maximum takeoff weight. Another feature that really
impressed me about this add-on was the Speed cards which provide information on
takeoff, landing, and cruise speeds. It also provides the advised speeds in
various air temperatures at various aircraft weights.

Closing Remarks
EuroFighter Review

It is clear to see that PMDG have developed the J41 with perfection in mind.
They have consistently produced mind blowing add-ons for Flight Simulator and
the J41 is no exception. This add-on has to be one of the all time grates for
Flight Simulator possibly on a par with the MD-11 or 747. It would be criminal
of me not to commend their work in the VC department.
System Requirements: System Tested On:
Microsoft Flight Simulator X
Windows XP / Vista
Mininimum - 3GHz or multi-core processor (Dual or Quad Core Processor recommended)
1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
256 MB Graphics card (512 MB recommended)
Installation-Size: 500 MB
Download-Size: 220 MB
Intel Core i7 [email protected]
Windows 7 64 bit
Nvidia 8600 GT
6gb DDR3 1600mhz
Western Digital 500gb Hard Drive
Corsair 650w PSU

What I Don't Like What I Do Like
No load manager Amazing VC

Price: £35.00 $54.80 €39.95 Rating: Gold
Reviewd By: Edward Longe Date: 4 Feb 2010
YouTube Link: