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Boeing 767 Captainsim
By: Andy Medley

Boeing 767X (Fullpackage)
Manufactured: Captainsim
Published: Captainsim
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The Boeing 767 from Captainsim is under the watchful today, as we look at
all the package so far from Captainsim. But before that is the Boeing 767 from
Captainsim something that will rival the Level-D 767 i think it may just do
that. After many years of planning and coding the Captainsim 767 was born and
from that so what the 767-300 and more witch is in the review will be covered.

The wide body aircraft developed by Boeing in tandem with narrow body variant
757, the two aircraft share a common flight deck and pilot rating. The 767 made
is first flight back in the 80’s and has since made its name in cargo freighter
and passenger travel. The 767 remains in active production at Boeings facilities
in Everett. Although it will more likely be succeeded by the new 787
“Dreamliner” Whenever the latter finally takes flight.
Level-D simulation first brought us the Boeing 767 into the flight simulation
world with their mighty fine product of the B767-300ER this product as now been
with the flight simmer for some years now. Back in the days i have been known
for a flight of fancy in my Level-D 767 but when the Captainsim 767 came out
something in my head said (NEW) better, more control, new cockpit i screamed yes
yes yes and after so many people were ranting good things about i had to review.
The Captainsim 767 in the usual style they have announced several variants of
the 767 to be available and ready on the market. The base model will be the
B767-300 and other variants will be sold as separate expansions that will
require the base model. We not have the 767-200 and other such as 767 AWACS &
KC767A along with the Freighter Variant.

Captainsim767 Captainsim767 Captainsim767 Captainsim767
Owners of the Captainsim 757 will notice a lot of similarities in the 767, the
ACE (livery and load manager) and cockpit are nearly identical as with the 757.
You can optionally determine whether a given airplane repaint should have
winglets on the wing tips. I think in both cases, the effect is largely
cosmetic, and does not model the increased fuel efficiency that winglets
actually deliver in real life. But other than an over sight it’s outstanding to
So why would you even want to pick up the Captain Sim 767?
I can see a few main advantages:
• Support for physical models of the different 767 variants, including the
767-200, freighter, and military variants.
• More realistic 3D graphics.
• Lots of eye candy, including extensive 3D modelling of a cabin inside the 767.

The Model:
When this aircraft arrived via download from Captainsim servers (100+ KBps) I
have to say i looked all round the aircraft for faults and error’s but still I’m
looking maybe i should stop. This was a challenge i was about to lose red faced
and looking away, i had to continue the review. We first looked at the base
model 767-300 (What a cracker) the model it’s self was outstanding even to the
point when i took fuel out of the tanks i could see the aircraft moving to level
it’s self out very nice.
Flaps slats and all other major and minor parts seem to work in harmony with
each other there was no ugly poking out bit’s within the frame work.

Captainsim767 Captainsim767 Captainsim767 Captainsim767
The 767-200 add-on: was somewhat of a letdown only offering 2 repaints, but the
price of the product say to me (Big) money saver you can always re-paint your
own or download from either or and get more re-paints.
The possibilities are endless if you take this route the 767-200 offer’s you the
(PW) Pratt & Whitney version & also the (GE) General Electric Engines

The 767F add-on: We had a walk around the aircraft simple with Walk and follow
installed, and we found a very nice interior of the aircraft. Most if not all
the doors opened in the aircraft even the toilet door opens. We also noticed the
cafeteria was smaller to fit more cargo inside the aircraft we took pictures of
this little area. You are limited to re-paints with the Cargo version also but
once again the freeware sector came to the rescue Avsim & Flightsim (.com) both
have re-paints for this aircraft.

Aircraft: If you are familiar with the 757 Captain, getting airborne in the 767
Captain is a breeze. The differences are mostly minor, and you can figure them
out in less than 5-10 minutes of fiddling around. If you are not familiar with
the 757, then getting airborne is not terribly complicated, but takes a little
getting used to. Overall, I find it generally simpler than getting a DC-9 or
MD-80 ready to go, for example. In time im sure there will be a start up video
to help you through the stages. The sound onboard this aircraft package is of
the high quality i have heard for some time very understanding engine gain and
also loss of power sounding beautiful.

Interior: Doesn’t have to look bland no more we are now in a generation of DX10
and FSX graphics, so what can Captainsim do for us today. Well i call it eye
candy not sure what other may call it, but this cabin is not short of button and
looks. It is worth exploring, and gives a good sense of the size of this
aircraft this can be done by adding (Walk & Follow) to your sim this will offer
you much more views to look around. If Captainsim sets the graphics benchmark
among developers – and they do – we have a new standard. From lavatory to clean
cabin it’s all be added by Captainsim in this package.


Captainsim767 Captainsim767 Captainsim767 Captainsim767
The trend of flaps and all moving parts onboard the 767 are of the
highest standards seen in flightsim for a long time. The modelling on this
aircraft is of a superb quality; just the re-paints let the whole package down.
But as the norm works it’s magic the McPhat crew step in a wave the wand at the
767 and performs magic and out came the Delta and Gulf Air repaints. You can
find many other sim paints on avsim & flightsim (.com)


Captainsim767 Captainsim767 Captainsim767 Captainsim767
I think the Captain Sim 767 Captain is a faithful, well-done
representation of the 767. Some simmers may balk at the similarity to the
Level-D 767 or the Captain Sim 757. If you are a diehard simmer or 767 fans,
this one is definitely worth picking up. I completed a short flight from EGLL
London Heathrow with no trouble at all. The price is a bit steep, but hopefully
it will come down in the years to come. Hopefully Captain Sim will iron out some
remaining bugs soon, as well. But the overall im rating this a Gold Award it’s
got everything i like and what for my money.
System Requirements: System Tested On:
Microsoft® Flight Simulator X
Microsoft® Windows® XP SP2 or Vista
PC with 1.5 GHz equivalent
256 MB of system RAM
64 MB DirectX 9 compatible video card
500Mb of free HDD Space
Microsoft® Flight Simulator X
Windows Vista 64Bit
AMD6000+ Dual Core
4Gb Ram OCZ
PNY 9400GT 512Mb
MSI K9NSli Pro

What I Don't Like What I Do Like
Lack of a Tutorial Texture & modeling

Price: Visit Captainsim Rating: Gold
Reviewd By: Andy Medley Date: 25 Mar 2010
YouTube Link: